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Types of Loans

Each loan type may best address a certain financial situation.

As a responsible licensed money lender in Singapore, G-KCredit would strongly advise you to spend a little bit of your time to understand our available cash loan options and decide which one is the most appropriate for you. We have listed the types of legal loan (offered by us) below, along with a short summary of each loan, in order to provide you with the necessary details to make a well-informed decision in the best of your interest.

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Personal Loan

You are experiencing a shortfall in your existing cash-flow but will be able to repay the money borrowed within a few months Or few weeks. Such cash loan amount is between small to medium and your monthly pay should be able to cover it back quickly.

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Foreigner Loan

Foreign Loan is provided and eligible to individuals who are not permanent residents or citizens of a country. Since it is hard to deal with financial problems especially when you are new to a country, this type of loan should help you get by when it comes to money issues. You probably do not know anyone whom you can borrow money from, hence, being able to take out a loan is a great help.

Perhaps you have assumed that taking out a loan from a bank in Singapore is a possible solution to your financial concerns. However, it is not as easy as you think it is because even for the local residents, getting their loan approved by the bank takes a long period of time. There are numerous documents that must be submitted, along with the rigorous strict credit checks involved. For a foreigner, having a traditional loan approved is almost next to impossible.

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Business Loan

Your business needs immediate cash flow to tide you over and will be able to repay the money lent when you collect back outstanding invoice payments. Such cash loan amount is between medium to large and your profits should be able to cover it over a period of time.

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