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Personal Loan

Personal Loan Information:

Minimum duration for repayment From 2 months (61 days onward)
Maximum duration for repayment Up to 18 months
Minimum annual percentage rate (APR) 12% per annual
Maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Up to 36% Per Annual on reducing interest rate
Sample representation on the total cost of the loan:
Total amount borrowed $1000
Duration of repayment 12 Months
Interest Rate 1% per month (S$1000 principal *1% monthly interest=S$10 interest)
Annual percentage rate of charge(APR) 12% APR
Total interest for 1 Year (12 months) S$10 *12 months =S$120
Total cost payable per annual (12 months) S$1000 principle + S$120 interest = S$1120
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